Hello!  Welcome to my blog. This is a brand new endeavor for me and since I am now working as a full-time artist, I feel that it’s about time I took advantage of all the resources available in order to promote my work.  This is both a scary and exciting time, having recently left the security of a steady income and health benefits, but it’s now or never. It can be quite a challenge to be both artist and promoter. For some, it’s like oil and water, they don’t mix.

I don’t plan to write about every little thing I do. But I consider this a learning experience and do want to share with readers my experiences in “trying to make it in the business” and to learn from others as well.  I just launched my new website. It covers the basic stuff, i.e. who I am, the type of art I create, what’s available, and where to find me.

Jerry of CIRJ Concepts, who designed the site, has been a patient soul (thanks, Jerry). In addition to the site, I am now on Twitter and Facebook.  I don’t necessarily know what the point of Twitter is, but was told to get on it anyway.

I have been working in the pastel medium for 20 years and it is my hope to share ideas and learn from other pastel artists.  I don’t want to limit myself to pastels only.  I have an interest in developing my skills in oil painting. As I move forward I also want to share the joy, frustration, trial, error, and success of particular works. Thanks for reading.