I haven’t written in a while.  My webmaster told me to keep current with my experiences and to write about anything.  Yes, I need to do a better job.

I’ve been so occupied this past summer with studio work and local shows that I didn’t spend much time on the computer.  One thing I am compelled to write about is my experience applying to new galleries for representation,  art shows outside of Delaware, and juried competitions.

I’m not so happy to announce that I was rejected for all of them. Just when I thought that I was “All That and a Bag of Chips,” it was a major let down. Of course I was upset at first, blaming myself for not being good enough or was it because gallery owners think my work sucks? Was the reason not being accepted into art shows really because there simply wasn’t enough tent space as stated in the rejection letter? Hmmm.

One thing I do know,  in 2014  I will send information packets to the same galleries, apply to the same juried competitions and outdoor shows. Being rejected has made me more determined than ever not to give up. And to me, that’s rewarding.

Painting featured in this post is “Wading” and has no relation to the content.