My class, “Pastels for Beginners,” is set to start on January 15, 2014 and I am not surprised that several of the students are advanced pastellists!

Most shared the same sentiment, “I haven’t painted in a while and I need to get back into it.” I must say that teaching a class with both beginners and experienced artist’s can be quite a challenge, but as I researched lesson plans and practiced them myself, even I learned some new tricks (and this old dog thought he knew everything about pastel painting).

The idea is to keep everyone involved and that the ‘newbies” are not intimidated by the others.  One of my advanced students taking the course lamented today that she can’t break out of the routine of painting “exactly what she see’s.”  She wants to use colors that are not in her reference material, but doesn’t know how to achieve it.  That’s where good color theory,  imagination, and emotion come into play.

Well, I have a few lessons that she wasn’t even aware of that will help her break that mold. Beginner’s courses not only cover the basics, they also remind the pro’s of things, important things, that have been forgotten. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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