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About Nick Serratore

Nick Serratore, Artist & Art Instructor

Like many artist both in the past and present I am inspired by the place where I am located.  In 1996 I moved to the Delmarva Peninsula more particularly Lewes, Delaware.  Coming from Pennsylvania I was immediately struck by the flat landscape.  In the days and months that followed my first impression was enhanced to include a remarkable palate of colors, a vast array of textures, and an every changes pattern of lights and shadows.

It is difficult to describe in words the colors of the seasonal skies of Sussex County. The hues of greens, browns, and golds found in a planted field are equally indescribable.  When these scenes are punctuated by a weathered old barn or silo, the overall impression is mystical. The textures of a plowed field, an isolated woodland, or a crashing ocean wave are again so varied that even photographs are unable to do them justice. The flat plane of the earth here gives light and shadow a multitude of opportunity to do their play.

I work primarily in pastels. I like their brilliance and immediacy.  I feel somewhat able to capture the textures of the landscape. The tactile experience of the medium and majesty of the setting transport me into a contemplative state.  I try with my work to share with the viewer where I am.  Sometimes in these reflective moments I also have the saddening realization that much of this natural beauty is endangered by the march of what some call progress.  I try to communicate that message and hopefully inspire others to save our vanishing paradise.

Increasingly I am realizing that all of life is a journey.  Not surprisingly many of my works reflect this passage.  In some cases I am floating down a river and in others I am walking down a path.  With each turn there is the unknown.  The end is anticipated but not reached.  Sometimes there is light and other time there is darkness.  Always there is the need to continue on the way.

Nick was born and raised in Abington, PA.  He graduated from the Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia and from Wilmington University.  In the past decade he has had multiple solo exhibitions, participated in many charitable events, and won numerous awards for his pastel landscapes. He recently won a 2012 Individual Artist Fellowship Grant from the Delaware Division of the Arts for emerging Delaware artist.  His narrative pastel landscapes first capture the attention of the onlooker then draw the viewer inward seeking the message of the work. He is represented by Peninsula Gallery in Lewes, Delaware and is a member of the Pastel Society of America located in New York.

My work hangs in Senator Chris Coon’s office in Washington, D.C. and Senator Tom Carper’s office in Georgetown, Delaware.

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